Bonkers credit reporting of two closed accounts.

QuestionsBonkers credit reporting of two closed accounts.
asked 4 years ago

Hey everybody, I just checked all 3 of my credit reports today and I noticed something odd. There are 2 closed accounts (Macy’s and Toys r US)  that have recently started reporting as of this month on all 3 credit reports. Both of these closed accounts show payment history as “ok” for July 2015 on all 3 credit bureau reports, and the reports also show the closed notation. I was on an app spree in 2013 and I opened the two accounts in Feb. 2013, but I never charged them and subsequently closed both of them in Feb. 2013 as I realized I didn’t really want them at the time. So fast forward to two years later, why would both creditors start reporting “ok” payment history 2 years after the accounts were closed? Should I be worried about this, and should I dispute these or complain to the cfpb about this? 

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