BoA Secured Rewards…. should I do it?

QuestionsBoA Secured Rewards…. should I do it?
asked 3 years ago

Earlier in the month i applied for the BoA Rewards Card, why you ask, because i got cocky Smiley Wink and i was just approved for a Discover it and Walmart MC, both $ 5,000 cl’s.

So of course BoA said NO, i did recon, she said yes $ 500, ok I’ll take it, then my letter came and said after further review NO. Lol.

But they said … all is not lost my, lil bankrupt friend. …. we will give you that card for a small deposit of $ 99, w/ a $ 500 cl.

So my question is, is this worth it …. another account dropping my AAoA , a low limit for a year…. is it worth it just to get in… and if i get in will i have a better chance for other cards or will my BK keep holding me back for 6 more years… when i filed BK, i only did on medical bills, no cc’s… so they or any other ccc has been burned by me.

Just looking for sound advice, i do have pretty decent cards, less Corrupt 1, who im getting rid of next week.

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