Blacklisted by Chase?

QuestionsBlacklisted by Chase?
asked 4 years ago

Hi everyone,


I have posted on these forums asking for your advice regarding the possiblity of being blacklisted by Chase. Just a little recap. It was a 150 dollars overdraft on a checking account I had with them in college. I never paid it and I would like to get a credit card with cahse. It is no longer recored in checkstystems as I have obtrained my report and it is not listed. I now have a BOA checking account.


On to the new, I recived a preqalified offer in the mail(before opting out of get a medical collection removed fom my account. I’d like to recieve offer but haven’t’ after opting in. But that is an differnt issue entirely) from Chase for the Freedon Unlimted.  I acutally want the regular Chase Freedom instead because I plan on getting the Captial One Quicksliver due to the no foreign transaction fees. I figured it would be good to have it if I were to ever go outside the country. Do you all think this is a good sign that I may not longer be blackilsted by Chase, if I ever was?  I’m really thinkning about applying and risking a HP.

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