Bill almost sent to collections: will this affect my credit?

QuestionsBill almost sent to collections: will this affect my credit?
Jared Keck asked 4 years ago

Ok, so I switched cellphone carriers six weeks ago from Verizon to AT&T.  Switched on December 26, my Verizon bill’s usually due on the 8th of every month.


Once I’ve discontinued my Verizon account, I spoke to a Verizon rep regarding any due balances, he had told me to wait until I get the paper bill in the mail because that amount will be lower than my usual bill since I stopped service before my billing cycle ended.


So I didn’t pay any Verizon bill on January 8th (as I normally would’ve), and when I’d checked my (discontinued) account online, it didn’t have the lower balance.  When it finally reflected the new balance owed, it said that payment wasn’t due until February 8th.  So I thought, ok, cool.  I ended up paying it earlier (January 28th) instead since I was doing bills anyway.  


But– I received a letter from Verizon two days ago and it was dated January 27th in which it basically said “please pay your bill ASAP or else we’ll send it to collections and disclose it to the three credit bureaus”.  At the time of reading that letter, I’ve already paid the bill.  I’ve double-checked twice with Verizon (called them) to see if it’s done and yeah, no balance, no collections.


My question is– the fact that it almost went to collections and technically was three weeks late, would this affect my credit?


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