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asked 4 years ago

I just applied for Bestbuy visa and was approved for $ 2k. What backdoor number would I need to call to see if I can get a higher sl? Would really like to get 5k so I don’t max my card from the start of my relationship with citi. They have been sending me mail for months to apply with them for their other cards. I mainly chose BB for their financing specials that they have year round.

These are my scores that I know of Barclay 10/26 TU 724 Amex 9/12 Eq714 Started credit in May 2014 and these are my cards

Discover 7.4k

amex 15k

bofa 5k

bofa 4.7k

sallie mae 3.5k

aarp 5.5k

Before I forget I want to thank everyone here because I’ve been reading here everyday since I started building my credit and have read great advice from here.

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