Best way to remove a collection?

QuestionsBest way to remove a collection?
asked 3 years ago

I am a new poster on this sight, so if something is posted incorrectly I apologize.  I have four collection accounts showing on my reports that I am trying to remove as quickly as possible in order to start applying for a mortgage:


$ 175 for a pediatrician, assigned 10/13

$ 273 for a dentist, assigned 10/10, currently with IC System

$ 838 with Capital One, assigned 11/13, currently with Portfolio Recovery

$ 1,040 with HSBC, assigned 11/11, currently with Portfolio Recovery.


I do currently have 3 accounts with Capital One right now, a secured MC opened 6/12, an auto loan opened 11/14, and a Quicksilver card opened 6/15.  I would be able to do a PFD with at least 3 of these accounts right now, could probably do the 4th in a few months.  


My question is, should I be contacting the original creditors to try and negotiate the PFD?  And regardless of who I start with, what’s the best way to start the process?



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