Best way to go about Chase Ritz CL

QuestionsBest way to go about Chase Ritz CL
asked 3 years ago
Hello, I have a Chase Ritz with a 10k limit. The first statement posted about February 10th for 6.5k. I paid it off the 12th, the due date was the 6th of March. The balance is currently at 7k and I will be paying that off on the 4th. My question is,
Would 50%+ use of the limit and pay off and then up to over 50% and pay off again in the same month make auto luv likely? I know this is cannot be given a definitive answer but just wondering if there are any signs of similar behavior causing auto cli.
I was just approved for 9k for Marriott and can send over 4k since that card would not need more than a 5k limit for me but that would make it unlikely I would be able to go over 50% and pay off twice in a month.
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