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Velva Krouse asked 4 years ago

Hi all,


I am posting this message to ask a few questions for my mother’s wife. My mother passed away in December and her wife has no clue about bills let alone credit cards. I am handling all of the finances and luckily over the year’s my mother’s wife has developed a 780 credit score. She was only on car loans that ended up paid off with no lates and was an authorized user on all of my mother’s cards but no financial obligation to them. She hasn’t had her own credit card since the early 90s and now with my mother’s passing, she has none, not even as an authorized user. I suggested she get a travel card so that she can earn points on everyday purchases plus use it when she actually travels. She is traveling out of the US to England and Scotland this year so I was hoping a card with no foreign transaction fees.


Hoping all of you have some suggestions. To recap her credit, right around 780 credit score, just purchased a car in October so she does have about 8 pulls on her report from that purchase. Over 10 car loans paid off with no lates in the last 20 years. No collections. No credit cards other than AU in the last 20+ years. $ 70k annual income.

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