Best second credit card?

QuestionsBest second credit card?
asked 2 years ago

Hello everyone,

I am looking for a good second credit card. I just got approved for a chase sapphire a couple of month ago with a $ 9000 starting limit. I am still building my credit and looking to keep improving my credit limit and score of course. Any ideas? I was looking for a good cash back card, but I got pre-approved for a couple of other travel cards as well like capital one venture or BOA travel rewards card. I was looking at the AMEX Blue Cash every day card. I am still fairly new to this, and I would love to hear everyone’s suggestion for another credit card. Should I go with Citi? Capital One? BOA? AMEX? 


Thanks for the help in advance! Some info about me;

Income : $ 60,000

Credit cards:

$ 1300/$ 9000 Chase Sapphire 

0/$ 521 Capital One Platinum

Best buy credit card $ 2300/$ 3500

Bealls 0/300


MY scores are : 

745 Equifax

742 Transunion

738 Experian. 


Thank you again for the help!!

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