Best option with $500 for rebuilding

QuestionsBest option with $500 for rebuilding
Felipa Means asked 5 years ago

So I’m in the rebuilding stage and I’ve set aside $ 500 to help with the rebuild. My current lineup:
Kohls charge $ 17/$ 300
Victoria’s Secret $ 0/$ 250
Express charge $ 0/$ 250
USAA secured Amex $ 8/$ 500

My options are to add $ 500 to the Amex and bring my account to $ 8/$ 1,000, open another secured credit card with $ 500 line. Would probably just go with USAA secured visa or my local credit union offers one, too. Or just keep that $ 500 in savings and let the credit build as it is. My Util is good as it stands. Current scores are just under 600 to 615. Bankruptcy discharge was two months ago.

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