Best method to keep cards active?

QuestionsBest method to keep cards active?
asked 4 years ago

So lets admit it some of us have some cards we don’t typically use or go out of our way to use unless special occasions happen.  In my case this would be Total Rewards Visa (would use in vegas) and Virgin America Visa(obviously use for virgin America stuff) and another one or two that don’t see as much use as my normal ones that yield better benefits but you still want them due to whatever reason aka high CL’s or oldest trade line, whatever.  I keep my cards in the safe when I don’t use them and getting kinda tired of going to the store and buying a 6 pack of beer once every month or two with a few of them..  So what is the best method to put a bit of use on them with the least amount of effort?


I think I found a thing that will work for me.  This being reloading my Amazon balance of a few dollars a month or every other month on said cards.  This way cards get used, I use Amazon on a monthly basis anyways way beyond what I load onto them by SM.  Is this the best method?  Does it appear to make sense?  Just put a few charges into my amazon balance of $ 2 on a few cards and just shows as Amazon purchases and don’t even have to go out in the cold weatherSmiley Happy.


Thoughts?  Other than close them if you don’t use them that someone is bound to say…

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