Best Barclay’s Addresses to Send GW Letter To/People to talk to?

QuestionsBest Barclay’s Addresses to Send GW Letter To/People to talk to?
Kristan MacKillop asked 4 years ago

woke up this morning to a notice from Credit Sesame that I had a delinquent account – yikes! I was 98% certain all my accounts were fine. Turns out I had a 30 days payment late on a CC – my Barclay’s Mastercard. On 8/16 I paid the card balance in full and the account was at zero – stupid me forgot about the interest – a whole $ 5.57. I mixed up that dates that the statement was cut (thinking 16th instead of 19th) That $ 5.57 was not paid the next month (Sept) nor this month (Oct) as I had it marked in my system that it was paid off. Since it wasn’t paid, the late fees added up to the account having a current balance of $ 23.78. I’ll pay the **bleep** $ 23.78 if I can get the delinquency removed from my CR’s. Odd thing is I never received any emails, letters or phone calls to notify me the account was past due. All my searching here has told me that Barclay’s is a tough bank to get to accept a GW letter and remove a delinquency. Anyone have any success and able to share the best addresses or people to contact? I am going to call the customer service line shortly. Thanks!!




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