Benefit from another card?

QuestionsBenefit from another card?
Cleveland Griffis asked 5 years ago

Hello all,

I’m wondering if I should apply for 1 more credit card. I currently have 3 revolving accounts. I am looking to make a purchase of about $ 700 that I have the money to cover, but I’m curious if it would benefit to add another card with for the purchase then pay it off just to add another card to my profile.
My current cards:
Chase Freedom  ($ 2,000) 1 month, still in the intro no Apr period
Amazon ($ 3,000) 6 months
Capital One quicksilver (2,300) 22 months , 2- 90 day lates
Capital one platinum (2,000) 7 months closed (combined) in good standing
All cards at 0% utilization right now.
I also have a student loan of $ 9,500 currently in deferment until end of 2017.
My scores are currently at 625,629,637..after a 20 point drop when my utilization hit 0. Also, I am looking into a getting a home possibly in January of 2017. So I’m just trying to figure out if one more card will be beneficial to me.

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