BCE —>>> BCP upgrade approved

QuestionsBCE —>>> BCP upgrade approved
Kristan Bechtel asked 4 years ago

Most of you know I tend to avoid anything with an AF like it’s an allergy.  They have a $ 150 after $ 1K spend bonus and with an Insurance payment coming up for 2017 policy thought it would be an easy knockout for the spend.  Here’s where my quirky thought comes into play though…. The online status says 5-7 days until it arrives.  To max the discount on the auto policy 7 days prior purchase is needed and the Annual amount it’s quoting is $ 1500. So, I’m thinking since all they’re doing is reissuing the card with the word Preferred along the side printed on it I can hit that spend before it arrives.  I chatted with the frontline CSR online and they said it had to be on the “new card” which really isn’t a new card since the account # and everything stays the same.  I recall seeing somewhere that you can hit the spend on the “new account” with the current card before the new one arrives.  Has anyone done this recently in the last couple of months?

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