Barclays ID verification asking about my sister???

QuestionsBarclays ID verification asking about my sister???
Crystal Winslow asked 6 years ago

I recently got a new Barclays NFL Extra Points card primarily because I wanted to take advantage of the 15 months 0% interest balance transfer offer. When loggged into my account I can do the BT by entering the account # of the CC/loan I want to do a BT from. Before that step it asks a series of questions for ID verification, such as did I ever live in (choice of 4 counties), and did I get a loan from XXX bank in 2008? That’s fine, that’s all in my CR. But then it started asking questions about my sister, such as did she live in XXX City? That creeped me out, there is no info about my sister on my CR, or any connection on any public record – we’ve never owned anything together and I sure as heck would never co-sign anything for her (love her dearly, but $ $ $ goes through her fingers like water). She has the same last name but so do a bunch of other people. Yeah, part of what bothers me is that she has really dreadful credit. Well, OK, that’s a big part of why it bothers me, but there is no way Barclays should have any connection to her and I. She of course knows my DOB & address, but I’m certain she doesn’t know my Social Security #, and if she ever did apply for credit in my name (which I highly doubt) I would see it in my CR & monitoring alerts.


Any thoughts? Am I just over reacting?

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