Barclay Sallie Mae Card – app question

QuestionsBarclay Sallie Mae Card – app question
asked 4 years ago

I sort of went new card crazy starting in January when I got the Barclay Ring with $ 5k CL. I did a bigger app spree in April and among other cards got a Barclay’s Rewards. I had to recon with them to be accepted because of recent inq’s. Looks like they pulled TU both cards. I have 11 TU pulls since December, 2014. After the recon, she did give me a $ 2,500 limit for the Barclay Rewards, and allowed me to transfer CL over from the Ring, which was very nice since I do use the Rewards card.


My question is, I really want the Sallie Mae card. I’m prepared to wait it out for 6 months or a year. Since Barclay has already approved me for 2 other cards, and the last one having to recon, should I wait a year? I don’t want to waste a HP since I’m sitting in the garden right now. I really don’t see any other card out there I’d really want besides this one in my future.

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