Bank Wrongfully Wrecked Credit Need Help!

QuestionsBank Wrongfully Wrecked Credit Need Help!
asked 5 years ago

Hey guys, I have had a 740+ credit score for my entier life and never missed a payment. I checked my credit score the other day only to find a bank I had an open credit line with had claimed 6 missed payments on a credit line that was comprimised by theft last year.


I immediatly called the bank to be given the run around that they didnt know who to transfer me too. I finally got someone and explained my situation which was the when the Credit line was comprimised they bank told me to stop paying in until they refunded fraudulent transactions. I had paid a substantial amount already to right the account and stop the credit limit fees that were being accrued. They said they saw that and to wait until they had it sorted and the all the charges reversed from the fraud. They first tried to shut down the card but the thief had the Acct# and was transfering directly. Anyways I waited to hear back which too almost three months and they said they had refunded me all the fees and I trusted them. I couldnt see if they had online as I was locked out due to the fraud. I started making payments again on time. I later found out they had never credited me anything. I was also paying over the phone totally blind as they wouldnt even give me the balance on the account just the amount they wanted. They also tried debiting an old bank account I had with them for payment which was closed way before and was counting those as missed payments even when I was paying over the phone. Its such a mess I dont know where to start.


Anyways I explained all this to about 4 CS reps that claimed they would look into it and get back to me and never did. I finally reached the same one I had talked to after about 40 phone calls only to have her lie and twist my story. I was smart enough to record all prior conversations with them after the non help they gave me and no call backs. She basically said that I was expected to pay into an account that was have $ 100s of dollars taken out daily to avoid all the fees they charge and to make my payment which would have been the amount they kept spending out illegally! She even admitted they saw where I had paid on time but refused to help me fix my credit rating even though I havent missed a payment on any of my credit cards in 5 years as long as my credit history!


Its a long story but do I have any recoruse here? Thier own documentation shows where I made ontime payments and they still hit me with late fees and all kinds of fraud and dinged my credit. There were only two payments not made on time due to them aksing me to wait  on putting more money back in while they put a hold on the credit line to fix the amounts and fix all the fraud. They went ahead and added the other 4 when I have proof they werent late. I am very ill so this wears on my greatly and I would love any advice you can offer.

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