Bank of America – CLI request?

QuestionsBank of America – CLI request?
asked 4 years ago

Hi everyone!

I’m a new member and this is my second post.

I am a Bank of America checking customer with a Bank of America Platinum Plus Visa card (with AF).

The card has only remained at $ 500 CL from it’s inception in early 09-2014.

As the app spree within the last 2 months, I’ve received SL from other banks upwards of $ 10K, while BofA has not given any auto CLI.

I have NOT been late or gone over the limit at any point. I have the card set for an automatic payments of $ 50 every month and pay it off shortly after. The current balance is $ 200 (as my mom is an AU on the card).

Would it be wise to take a HP for a CLI?

If not, what other course of action recommend?

If so, would it be best to request via chat?

Would there be any effect if I were to “lock” the CR to avoid a HP?

Also, there is not LUV button on the page.

I have only have 4 INQ on my TU with a score of ~690, most recent HP was Barclay (06/20) and the other ones are over a year old (Barclay, CO).


Thank you!Smiley Happy

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