Bad credit luck this year

QuestionsBad credit luck this year
asked 3 years ago

This year has been terribly interesting.

I have 2 auto loans one through USAA on a car I bought new for my wife a few years ago. And my truck through NavyFed.

My truck was stolen in July and finally totaled out last week. USAA sent a check for the payoff amount to NavyFed. So, me needing a second reliable vehicle because my wife and I both commute to work and she works random hours. We also have our child we alternate on dropping off and picking from school. So two reliable cars with AC and air bags is a must for us.

Once I found out the truck will be a total loss I started shopping for another used vehicle. I found something I liked and decided to apply for a loan on it. I was denied because of recent deliquent pay and a collections write off.

I checked my credit report immediately. Only bad on my report that I already knew of was the collections write off from Cox Cable that appeared out of the blue in April. I haven’t had an account with them in over 3 years nor do I live in an area they service. I called them months ago to try and clear it up. They can’t even find my old account information out anything about it. Told me that I probably didn’t pay my final bill, which I did (it was barely $ 100) or that I didn’t return equipment . I was never issued equipment at all, I had basic cable. I told them it must be a mistake and they said that it couldn’t be a mistake because their system is “perfect”, yes she said its perfect. The amount is only $ 251 and I tried to offer to pay it just to get off my credit report to which they declined to accept and said it’s already written off and I’ll just have to wait 7 years for it to come off my credit. Total BS, I’ve been trying for months to settle that to no success at all.

But the surprise on my credit reports is, USAA reported my auto loan payments for the month of June, July, and August as 30 days late. Which is obviously a mistake because it comes out automatically. My statements even shows it being withdrawn and applied to the loan the same day and on time as well as my double payments I make every other month. I called them about it and they told me to complete a consumer complaint form and fax it to them and mail it. I attached a memorandum explaining everything as well as screen shots of my payments being on time and being applied. It will take 30 to 45 days for them to come up with a determination. I was told that it could take 3 to 6 months for the fix to properly affect my credit scores and history.

My credit isn’t great because I’ve only had auto loans and a credit card I always forget to use. Plus I’m only 27. I’ve never missed a payment or had any accounts in collections. My scores were about 700 in June, but now they’re between 565 and 580.

Is there nothing I can do but wait?
What can I do about the cox communications situation?
If USAA fixes their mistakes how will that affect my credit and how soon?
My truck should be paid off any day now, will that help?
I really need a second vehicle but I’m not okay with going through some lender like roadloans and have a loan with a crazy high APR.

We’re so tired of spending money on a rental vehicle that’s only partially reimbursed by insurance. I could be paying that towards a car I am purchasing. This whole situation is very stressful. My wife has barely established credit. She had 1 credit card that she doesn’t use and refuses to play this credit game. We make just under 90k combined but in southern California so that’s like nothing given how expensive everything else here is.

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