Authorized user “pending” on Amex Everyday?

QuestionsAuthorized user “pending” on Amex Everyday?
asked 3 years ago

My girlfriend recently added me as an authorized user to her Amex Everyday / ordered an additional card in my name. The brief form only asked for my name, SSN and date of birth. No mention of any inquiries or anything.

However when she clicked Submit, the page loaded for about a minute and said, “We are reviewing your application and you should hear back within 14 days with a decision”, and instructed her “…not to apply for another Amex Everyday card.”

Has anyone seen this? I figured adding an AU was just lickity splitz. Will they run an inquiry? I read the terms and it did not mention any ‘application’ process involved.


Not sure if this pending message always applies to AUs?


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