Authorized user on deceased mothers Citi account

QuestionsAuthorized user on deceased mothers Citi account
Velva Krouse asked 4 years ago

I am an authorized user on my deceased mothers Citi account. I paid the full balance and wrote to Citi asking them to remove the account. They promptly responded saying that I am not contractually obligated for the debt and the account will be removed from all three major credit bureaus. I then called to see if they would remove my name from the closed account, they would not. But I requested that they reimburse me for the payment I made (since in their letter they stated I’m not liable for the debt). They are investigating the reimbursement and will get back to me. If they do reimburse me, will they begin reporting the balance to my credit again? Basically I’m asking if I’m reimbursed should I just pay the balance of the card again or will I be in the clear?

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