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Ollie Rausch asked 6 years ago

Hey guys, brand new here. I’ve been referring to this site for info for a year or so but this is my first post. So to start off, I’m 24 and through stupid decisions on my part, my average age of account is very low. About 1.7years and I expect it to drop when I close my credit one credit card that I no longer need but happens to be one of my older accounts. They charge me a 99.00 fee per year and I only have a 1k limit after 4 years with them. Anyway, question is, if my older brother adds me as an authorized user to a card he has had for 13 years, will that help my AAOC? I know there are services to piggy back complete strangers accounts so people obviously do it. Just didn’t know if it would help my utilization only or also my AAOC. My middle score is around 640. Right now my utilization is much higher than normal due to some hospital bills for my son. With my utilization around 15% my middle score is around 675-680. 

Do y’all think it would be a good idea to get him to add me or just wait this out?

Hes a good bit older than me and financially stable so very little risk compared to a service. 

Thanks for all the help I’ve found on here since I’ve discovered the site! I know you guys can help me out here to!

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