Attorney screwed up

QuestionsAttorney screwed up
Patrick Wrixon asked 5 years ago

On December of 2012 I closed on my short sale a week before the deadline of December 31st. My primary mortgage was with Bank Of America while the seocndary was with Wells Fargo. I was never late with a payment to Wells Fargo since I had direct debit set up. 


I checked on my credit last year (should have done it sooner) and noticed a “30 days late” entry for Wells Fargo on January, 2013. I called Wells Fargo and took several calls to understand what happened. It seems that my attorney missed some paperwork to Wells Fargo and submitted them in the first week of January. So even though it was totally out of my hands the loan was considered late. Wells Fargo could have easily just taken another payment from my bank but all that was closed up in December. 


So now I have this entry and tried to get removed with a good will letter, but Wells Fargo rejected it. Any suggestions on what I can do? 



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