At the beginning of my journey

QuestionsAt the beginning of my journey
asked 2 years ago

Hello everybody, I’m new here.  First off, let me say that I appreciate this forum and all of you so much.  The amount of information here is quite overwhelming, but in a good way. Over most of my adult life, I have not paid attention to my credit, which is why it was in the shape it was.  I’m just now beginning to take it seriously and want to work to rebuild and protect my credit.


My story:

7 months post discharged CH7 BK, I have a new car loan, a small personal loan, and was recently approved for two new store cards via the SCT (Overstock & Eddie Bauer). I also openend an account with Navy Federal a couple of months ago, and am thinking of going with their secured Visa card.  Right now, my scores (at least according to Credit Karma and CreditWise) are a few points shy of 600.  I definitely want to get some sort of major credit card just to kind of round things out  First Premier sent me a pre-approval, but I’ve heard really horrible things about them, even for a sub-prime.


Anyway, there will be lots of questions coming in the future.  Right now, I’m going to dive back in to the forums.

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