Asked Chase How I See My FICO Score With Slate Card…..

QuestionsAsked Chase How I See My FICO Score With Slate Card…..
asked 5 years ago

an FYI for those with Slate already. I was planning to close mine out after the BT period at 0% ends since it will have served its purpose and will go towards resetting the clock for hte offer in the future if I need it…..



Thank you for contacting Chase about the free monthly FICO
Score for Slate card.

Upon review, I see that you have an option to change your
current Chase Slate account to the new Chase Slate with
Credit Score Visa Non-Signature Card.

Your account number will not change, so you won’t need to
make any changes with merchants where you have automatic
bill payments set up. Please know, however, that the
benefits and terms of your account are subject to change.
If these changes occur we will let you know.

Your Annual Percentage Rate (APR) will not change.

Please review the following information before we process
your request.

– All enrolled features on account will be retained.

– Any promotional balances attached to the old account
will transfer to your new account based on terms of the
original promotion.

– If you have previously been excluded from receiving
solicitations, you will continue to be excluded going

– Your FICO Credit Score is for your educational purposes
and based on data from Experian. It may be different from
other credit scores used by Chase and other lenders in
making credit decisions. This information is available
online to active, primary cardmembers only at
provided Experian has sufficient credit history in a
credit file for FICO to generate a score.

– If any of the terms of the account have changed, you
will receive a letter in the mail explaining the changes
and your right to reject them.

– The new product doesn’t have Blink Capability. If the
change is completed, you won’t be able to use the new card
for Blink transactions.

– Please note that your expiration date and signature
panel code will change. If you have automatic charges
billed to this account, you will want to inform those
merchants of the new expiration date once you receive your
new cards.

Once the account is changed and to view the most up to
date information, you can log into and access
your Chase Slate Credit Dashboard post April 2015. Your
dashboard is free. It will allow you to view your monthly
FICO score, reasons behind your score, a summary of your
credit report information and helpful tips to manage your
credit health. The information provided is based on data
from Experian.

If you wish to continue with this request, please reply
using the Secure Message Center. We’re not able to process
your request unless we receive your confirmation.

We look forward to hearing from you.

If you have any further questions, please reply using the
Secure Message Center.


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