Approved for THREE Unsecured Cards!!!

QuestionsApproved for THREE Unsecured Cards!!!
asked 4 years ago

I’m so excited! I was just approved for THREE different unsecured cards. I’ve been using my Capital One Secured Platinum Mastercard (CL $ 950) for over a year with about 5-25% utilization (usually around 5-12%). I applied for five credit cards yesterday and was approved for three, denied one and the app is “still processing” on a fifth (pretty sure it’s gonna be a denial).


Cards I applied for — 


1. Capital One Venture Rewards — approved for $ 5000!

2. Capital One Platinum — approved for $ 500

3. American Express Blue Cash — approved for $ 1000

4. Discover NHL Red Wings — denial

5. Discover It Cash Credit – “still processing”


Now, some questions…


1. Should I close my secured card? Once I get the cards in the mail and switch over all of my bill payments to my new cards, should I close the secured card and get my $ 650 back? I’m pretty sure the secured card will stay on my credit report as in good standing for 10 years, right? Or should I wait a while and have all four cards?


2. How should I split up my recurring bills? Should I use all three (or four) of my credit cards a little bit or put everything onto one card (the Venture card, probably). Should I put like one recurring payment (Netflix or something) on each of the cards and then use the Venture card predominantly?


3. I’m expecting/have already seen the beginning of the FICO score dings I’m going to get for my app spree, but I read that it’s better to do app for a bunch of cards all at once and that will effect your score less. Is this accurate or have I misunderstood and done some icky damage to my credit?

4. Will this app spree negatively effect my ability to apply for a car loan in summer 2016?

Thanks in advance, y’all!

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