Approved For Capital One Platinum but there’s more…

QuestionsApproved For Capital One Platinum but there’s more…
Hildegard Haly asked 4 years ago

I was approved for a Capital One Platinum card just a little over a month ago with a $ 300 limit. This is my second card my first being from my local credit union with a $ 500 limit. The thing is I had been lurking forums like this and seeing people doing PC up to rewards cards from basic cards like the Platinum. I just recently started building my credit and from what my credit union told me after recently applying for a personal loan (approved) I still really don’t have a FICO score yet. My two FAKO scores at the time were in the 630’s.


With this knowledge the other night I was bored and nothing to do so I started a online support chat session on Capital One’s site. I asked how I’d go about in the future asking to upgrade to the QuickSilver card just to know before hand. Chat support says they see I am approved right now for the QuickSilver upgrade. I was sceptical at first and made sure they weren’t talking about the Q1 card with an annual fee. Chat person said nope no annual fee just the regular QuickSilver card and no hard pull required. I accepted and just today saw online that I am now getting 1.5% back already! I didn’t think they’d upgrade me after only having the Platinum card for one month. I didn’t feel like pushing my luck with a CLI ask so I left it at that now just waiting on my new card. 


TLDR: Approved for Cap One Platinum $ 300 limit then a month later PC to Quicksilver with a really no to super thin file ATM.

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