Approved by FHA AUS then denied!!

QuestionsApproved by FHA AUS then denied!!
Dorine McLaurin asked 5 years ago

Hi, I was hoping someone could help me understand this. I was recently approved for a FHA loan through the automatic underwriting system with my itd at 43.6% $ 10,000 combined in my savings and checking a gross monthly income at $ 3105 and a credit score of 620. After my file got to the underwriter my income did not add up to the original $ 3105 so my application was sent back to the lender. Everything was reconfigured and entered as followed income $ 2984 itd 41.5% $ 13,000 in savings and checking but this time the lender can not get the underwrite system to approve my loan!!! Any idea what could be causing this?!?

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