Apply for two Synchrony Bank cards at the same time?

QuestionsApply for two Synchrony Bank cards at the same time?
Francesca Day asked 4 years ago

Hi all.


I just applied for and was approved for a Walmart Credit Card ($ 1,400 CL), which is issued through Synchrony Bank. I am about to complete a purchase on, and its offering me some decent discounts if I apply for an store card and get approved. Having these extra cards is handy, as I’m trying to build a good credit rating (640 FICO 8 a few months ago, then signed up for a Capital One Platinum with $ 1,000 CL and now is 683).


However, after going to the application, I see the Amazon card is also issued by Synchrony Bank.


Does anyone know if I apply for this card, will it affect the other card I was literally approved for like half hour ago from Walmart from the same bank? 

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