Apple Barclay Rewards — What is going on?????

QuestionsApple Barclay Rewards — What is going on?????
asked 3 years ago

Hi all!


I know this is not an Apple support forum but my question is more about the Barlcay Apple Rewards card. I’m trying to see if anyone else had this experince. As a disclaimer, I have called Barlclay, who told me to call Apple. I called Apple who said the situation would be “Worked out” in 24-48 hours.

So, I opened a Barclay Apple Rewards card last week with the intention of utilizing the financing offer to buy a new iPad and an Apple Watch.
Yesterday I placed my order for those times and a few accessories.  The total with tax and everything was $ 1,980.75.  My credit limit is $ 2,000.00
Within about an hour, I got a notice from Apple that my card had been declined.   I got on the Barclay app and noticed that there were $ 2,555.65 worth of Temporary Authorizations.   Panicked, since I had not bought that much, I called Barclay.  They were nice but told me I needed to call the merchant.  I did that an the girl could not see anywhere on her end that I was being charged over my purchase amount but she sent my order to the “credit department” for review.
About an hour after that I got an email from Apple telling me that the previous issues with my card had been resolved.  In the meantime a few items already shipped and will be delivered today.  So, I figured everything was good.  I checked my Barlcay acct last night and nothing had really changed so I figured  I’d give it time to cycle.
Well. to my utter disbelief, I opened the account this morning to see that I now have “Temporary Authorizatons” in the amount of $ 6,6,673.43!!!! WTH?????  I have not called Apple again, I am trying to give it time to correct itself.  But, seriously, WTH are they doing?????  Also, how is Barclay allowing these charges on a card with a $ 2k limit??  
My “current balance” shows $ 0.00 and my available credit shows $ 456.82
I am a bit panicked. I don’t understand what’s happening.  I know some merchants will place holds on your account to make sure it’s a good card or whatever but those amounts are usually a few dollars.  Why are thy holding $ 4,6000 MORE than I purchased????  I am going to give it until tomorrow and then call Apple again but, if it;s like yesterday, they won’t even be able to see what I’m talking about on their end.  
I have bought many, many things online over many years and have never had anything even close to this happen to me.  I have never bought anything from before.  If this is their way of doing things. I won’t ever again. I cannot even imagine if this was my checking acct rather than a credit card.
Any anyone offer any kind of explanation or advice?   Thanks Smiley Happy 
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