App spree, Comenity (West Elm and GrandinRoad), and other ramblings

QuestionsApp spree, Comenity (West Elm and GrandinRoad), and other ramblings
Antoinette Mace asked 4 years ago

Hey All!  Long time lurker here with a question. First some background: I went on an app spree recently and had a decent outcome: 


Chase Saphinre ($ 9000)

Discover IT ($ 1500)  

CareCredit ($ 2000)

Citi AA (denied)


I currently have:

Capital One platnium: – $ 2200

Cap One Quicksilver One -$ 2650

Bank of America Cash Rewards – $ 2000

Barclays Apple rewards – $ 2000

Amex Every Day -$ 1000

Credit One platinum -$ 1400

Grandin Road (comenity) – $ 3000

West Elm (comenity) $ 650


I’ve been rebuilding my credit for the last year or so and have made pretty good progress.  Part of my strategy is to get as many soft pull CLIs as I can.  I hit the luv button on the Grandin Road site a few weeks ago and was denied.  When I got the letter they were using a credit score from November 2016 (at the time I had a really high utilization so my score was at 598.  As of recent my utilization is at 32% and  after my app spre my score is 692).  The letter also had a few other things that seem ridiculous (e.g., time since account opened is too recent….eventhough I have the card for 1.5 years).   I thought this was a fluke so I decided to try and get a CLI increase on my West Elm card.  Instead of hiting the luv button I called the robo lady and was denied again!  I wonder if they are using the same outdated credit info as Grandin Road. I would call and speak to a rep about this but I’m worried they might do a HP. Any advice?




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