Anyone cancel/reapply Discover for CB promo?

QuestionsAnyone cancel/reapply Discover for CB promo?
asked 3 years ago

Has anyone done this?  What I mean is at the end of Year 1 when the Discover cash back match promo ends, has anyone cancelled their Discover account and then resigned up for it again in order to achieve another year of CB match?  I’m sure Discover wouldn’t be thrilled about this, but I could see someone getting away with it once.  Of course in doing so that person would lose the CL that they built up over the first year, which with Discover could be significant.


There are people on this forum that report $ 400, $ 500, $ 600+ cash back match after a year which is bigger than the majority of sign on bonuses that many chase and open up cards to receive.  I would think someone has attempted this tactic with Discover at some point?

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