Another one bites the dust – Plains Commerce Bank deletion

QuestionsAnother one bites the dust – Plains Commerce Bank deletion
asked 3 years ago

So, this is the second deletion letter I have recieved in two days!  I sent a slew of gw letters and pfd letters in the middle of last month.  


This deletion letter I recieved today was from Total Card, INC.  It was a visa card that I established somewhere in 2008 and ended up being a charge off years later.  I paid it in full later down the line with a collection agency.  But this has been a baddie that’s been on my account since early 2012 and was due to fall off in 2019.  Whew!! I sent in this particular request per email and mail at the same time, so Im not sure which the company responded to.


Also, they were only reporting to equifax but still, i’m glad to have that off of my report!! Smiley Happy Smiley Happy Smiley Happy



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