Another CLI from Discover!

QuestionsAnother CLI from Discover!
asked 4 years ago

Out of all my cards Discover is by far the most liberal with CLI. I’ve had (3) $ 1000 bumps within last year and I hit the Luv burtton again yesterday. Got the pending message, called today when i didn’t see any increase. She came back and said $ 500 increase to $ 4500. What? I said I was expecting more like $ 1000, she said hang on. Came back on the line and gave me $ 2000! I just love the way they recogionze me for resposible use. FYI – looks like the $ 2000 may have been a “hole card” after I pushed back a little on $ 500 – interesting because its a SP.     EX 723  TU 727 EQ 725     $ 28000 total CL 

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