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Crystal Winslow asked 5 years ago

Google Wallet on Android phones supported tap and pay at retailers/merchants that had an appropriate POS terminal.  Google Wallet is in the process of being split between Android Pay for tap and pay, and the new Google Wallet for transferring funds between friends.  The liability shift responsible for retailers/merchants investing in new POS terminals is scheduled to occur October 01, 2015.


Some retailers/merchants have POS terminals that “support” tap and pay, but require an electronic signature on the POS terminal.  That is not tap and pay.


The old Google Wallet utilized a virtual MasterCard credit card number to complete the transaction.  Apparently the new Android Pay will do the same, but “tokenization” is involved somehow.


Any suggestions on how to encourage/force retailers to support tap and pay on Android phones *without* requiring an electronic signature on the retailers’ POS terminals would be appreciated.

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