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John asked 5 years ago

I went through the Amex prequal site and was prequalified for the Everyday card. I applied and got the “we’ll make a decision in 14 days”. What are my chances?

Using PayPal Here Mobile Credit Card Reader

John Gonzales replied 5 years ago

Just so I’m clear swipe & paypal option has one fee only of 2.7% and
nothing else right?
If the key in or scan method is used its at a higher fee for 3.50% + 0.15
cent ? Basically I just wanted know the fee is only applied on the method
that was used as well right ? 

Brad L replied 5 years ago

Thanks for showing me how to swipe. I couldn’t get it right until I
watched your video

Nicole Green replied 5 years ago

It was not a pointless video. I looked for this because I couldn’t get
mine to work and there were no instructions. I didn’t know to wait for the
message “device connected.” Working fine now. Thanks.

Cyril Hehir replied 5 years ago


John Gonzales replied 5 years ago

Also it states from paypal about Invoicing 2.9% + $0.30 – is this an
additional fee or available as an option for record keeping

mrsgoyen08 replied 5 years ago

not pointless. it helped me!

LOADEDF1ST replied 5 years ago

Good vid. I’m starting up a small business soon. Have you had any problems
with this so far?

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