Amex Blue card (BCE) 3x CLI after 60 days??

QuestionsAmex Blue card (BCE) 3x CLI after 60 days??
Verena Steinberger asked 4 years ago

Hey everyone,

I would like to ask for some help/opinions. I received my AMEX Blue Card 62 days ago and I love it since. The starting credit limit was 10k but I read it everywhere that people are asking a 3x credit limit increase after 60 days. My current balance in the card is roughly 500 dollars. I would love a higher credit limit ( not sure about 30k but 20k would be nice).
If I request that is it going to be a hard pull?
Does everyone request it after 60 days or is it automatic?
I used my card a lot but I always payed it back…
When I request the CLI should I have my balance at 0? Or 500 won’t matter.
How much to ask for ? 30k?

Thank you for all the answers and helps!

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