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QuestionsAMEX BCED upgrade offer
Francesca Day asked 5 years ago

Logged into my AMEX account this morning and received a pop up that said I can upgrde my current BCED card to the Preffered BCED card with 0% 12mo. 10% cash back at AMAZOn for 6 months, up to $ 200. $ 150 back when I spend $ 1,000 in first 3mo, 6% cash back at grocery stores, 3% gas ststions 1% everywhere else. $ 95 annual fee. 


So I’m not upgrading my current BCED card, I am basically applying for a new card, right?  Will applying be a Inquiry, or since it’s an offer it will be a SP? 


I just received a 2k CLI on my SPG card this past weekend.  Currently 3k SPG, 5k BCED. 727 FICO right now. LOVE this site a year and a half ago, I was in the hole with 500 FICO, numerous collectios and chargoffs. My CR is squeeky clean now. 



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