Amcol Systems Inc. being rude & refusing PFD?

QuestionsAmcol Systems Inc. being rude & refusing PFD?
asked 2 years ago

Has anyone else had horrible dealings with Amcol Systems Inc.? They tried to mislead me into believing they couldn’t settle the debt for more than 20% less because of the original collectors stipulations. Is this a thing? Isn’t it true that once a debt goes to a collection agency the original collector no longer owns it or has any say to it? After trying to claim they were basically collection outfit collecting for the hospital the debt was originally owned by they claimed that they would not do a pay for delete and would only report a paid in full $ 0 balance. I have never had an issue with requesting pay for delete with anyone but them. They are willing to settle for less but not pay for delete even for full payment it sounds like. I am already worried that our first initial contact was a mistake and that now we are screwed. I have almost always tried to deal with collection agencies through letters but lately haven’t had luck getting a response so we decided to try to call this agency in hopes to take care of the debt as quick as possible. The debt is old and not even sure it’s completely legitimate so I decided to dispute it because we have no record or knowledge of it’s origination. If the dispute comes back and they are in fact able to prove we owe them the total debt how do I go about negotiating with such a nasty company? We need these items deleted or they will continue to show negative on the report. We are working on getting a mortgage in the next year and this is the final thing to resolve. It’s a total of 3 accounts with the same collection agency for $ 1615, we asked to settle for 25% less they agreed to 20% but said they could not pay for delete. What do we do next if the dispute is not resolved in our favor and we still have to deal with these people? 

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