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Karine Lukis asked 5 years ago

Hello everyone!


I have been lurking for awhile. I stumbled upon this forum just recently and I wish I would have found this 2 years ago when I was in the worst credit slump of my life.


I have since payed off all my credit cards with the exception of 1 and I’m just $ 400 shy of $ 0. I was disappointed to realize my credit score still sucked pretty bad. I went from 490 to 607, just by paying all credit cards off in 2 years, and not using the ones that are still revolving.


I applied for Cabelas, not hoping for approval but I got it, $ 1k. Then I bought a Mac computer and financed it with a Barclay’s card, $ 2k. My Score jumped 70 points. 


Anyway, this is not a rebuilding question, but an Amazon one: I had an Amazon store card and got approved for $ 1400. I was young and dumb and maxed it out instantly, with junk, dust gatherers, aka books, etc. I drained my wish list in a matter of weeks. I bought a water flosser and while it was great when I first got it, it is now sitting in a box at a relative’s house.  Young and dumb. Get it?


This was one of the cards that unfortunately for me, I was not able to salvage and it got sent to collections. I think the balance was about $ 1000, maybe $ 1200. I paid it off with Collections; it was one of the first that I worked on. That was probably late 2014, October ish. Now that I’m rebuilding my score, what are my chances that Amazon would lend to me again?  I tried with JCPenney but was denied. This was another card that went to collections but I have since paid it with collections. This young and dumb business will not repeat itself. 


My ultimate goal is to apply for a travel rewards card and finance a Vegas trip to see King George with my fianc√©. 

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