Amazing Cap One CLI – like clock work (but needs effort)

QuestionsAmazing Cap One CLI – like clock work (but needs effort)
Kristan Bechtel asked 5 years ago

Have two Cap One cards:


Platinum – Since Oct 2014, started with $ 300. Went to $ 2000 in 6 months but after 1.5 years, hit CLI yesterday and got another one ! current limit is $ 6300..


QS1 – Since Mar 2015, started with $ 500 which became $ 2000 in 6 months and another $ 2000 in Jan 16 . After hitting CLI on Platinum yesterday, got encouraged (aka greedy) and hit this one too and voila !! another $ 2000 increase Smiley Happy


Was kinda worried on 22% util across the board which is now eased. All thanks to MyFico posts helping me understand to manage credit, timely payments, not to exceed thresholds and above all, smart tactics…

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