Am I going about this the right way? Any tips?

QuestionsAm I going about this the right way? Any tips?
Cindy Guffey asked 4 years ago

I have two accounts under PRA (Portfolio Recovery) on my Credit Report, one for Walmart Credit Card, the Other for Paypal Mastercard one Balance is $ 1600, the other $ 400.


I did some reading on PRA and found it to be a rather terrible company, with lawsuits, class action lawsuits, fines, etc.


So I called the Fraud Department of TU and asked to have the two accounts disputed under “not willing to settle due to past lawsuits”. Listed on the BBB:


These violation include among other things:

– Attempted to collect on unsubstantiated or inaccurate debt,
– Misrepresented intention to prove debts consumers sued over,
– Relied on misleading, robo-signed court filings to churn out lawsuits,
– Sued or threatened to sue consumers past the statute of limitations,
– Pressured consumers to make payments using misrepresentations,
– Falsely claimed an attorney has reviewed the file and a lawsuit was imminent, and
– Misled consumer into consenting to receive auto-dialed cell phone calls.


I have gone through the route of sending PRA a ITS letter, disputing via the BBB, etc, and they won’t budge.

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