Am i being sued??

QuestionsAm i being sued??
Clarita Horan asked 4 years ago

I received an attorney solicitation in the mail today indicating that I was being sued by Portfolio Recovery Associates, and that I should retain there services to represent me.


The letter from the attorney indicates the date Portfolio supposedly filed this lawsuit as Jan 20th, 2017. 


The letter from the attorney solicitation even indicates a case number and jurisdiction. It “looks” pretty legitimate. I do have an outstanding collection account with PRA. So it all looks genuine.


However, I’m not overly concerned since this is a time barred debt and I have copies of old credit reports to prove this. I printed and saved old credit reports just in case something like this would happen. 


My concern is this, I haven’t received ANY information from the court. I haven’t been served. There has been zero indication that a lawsuit has been filed. It is this that has me concerned. Shouldn’t have I received something from the court indicating a lawsuit has been filed BEFORE I start getting solicitations from “well meaning” attorneys? 


Any and all thoughts would be greatly Appreciated. 

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