Am i being sued? part2

QuestionsAm i being sued? part2
Eddy Geils asked 4 years ago

Ok, in my earlier post I indicated that I believe that PRA has filed suit against me on a time barred debt. Because I’m confident that i can prove this, I’m not overly concerned. I’m “almost” looking forward to appearing in court.  


My question is, can I use the fact that they (pra) are suing on a time barred debt to my advantage? Can I use this as leverage?  More specifically, would there attorney be authorized to accept and sign a pay for deletion agreement? More than likely for an amount less than owed.


I’m aware that PRA is notorious for not doing pfd agreements. But I’m hoping that perhaps if I’m face to face with whatever attorney they have hired on the court date, HE may be more reasonable and willing to negotiate?


I was prepared to wait out the credit reporting period, which runs for 3 more years without incident. But now there actions have me thinking that maybe I can flip this into a positive! 


Any and all thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

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