Almost a year on my journey

QuestionsAlmost a year on my journey
Cliff Spears asked 4 years ago

So, I am almost a year into my journey….and it has been mostly good!


Transunion started at 519 – Currently 664 (High mark 672 – July)

Equifax started at 538 – Currently 652 (High mark 654 – July)

Experian started at 550 – Currently 646 (High mark 651 – June)


I have 3 bad marks still on my reports (2 that have been paid if full that I am trying to GW and 1 that I am trying to PFD)


I have also several credit accts open, and am thinking of shedding some.  All are in good standing and have not lates associated with them.  

I have a Capitol One Platinum $ 4050; Citi Double Cash $ 2000; USAA $ 1000; Amazon Prime $ 800; SDFCU (secured) $ 500 – sitting in the 10-30% range every month.

I also have two loans: USAA car loan $ 15000, now at $ 13000, and a SDFCU loan $ 1000, now at $ 500


All these have been open in the past year or sooner.


So I am in need of some help, I think I have too many lines of credit open and thats why I am stagnant…I think I would like to close the SDCU card, and pay off the SDFCU loan.  Thoughts? or would anyone have another suggestion to get my scores moving again….


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