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asked 4 years ago

Living in a new house after many years in the prior takes patience.  I can’t find where stuff is.  I open the drawer looking for a fork and find papers, I pull the drawer for my socks and I’m greeted with underwear.  Music is a hobby of sorts, I have thousands of MP3s on my phone, and many playlists.  I have several books I refer to when making playlists ( I like to make playlists of the top ten songs of any given week going back to 1960.) one of them is missing.  I vividly reall packing my office away on Primrose, but the book is nowhere to be found.  All the boxes it should be in turned out no dice.  I gave up and ordered a replacement. It arrived yesterday.


Change of address is a PITA.  Most of the important have been notified, but a number fell through the cracks.  Our local church still has us on Primrose, but they can wait, I see those folks every week.  Amazon is good though, that was numero uno on the list to notifly followed by Chase since I hold two of their cards.


DW and I were eating supper the other night in the “auditorium” I mean dining room/ kitchen/ den.  Our in brother n law came to the porch and hit the doorbell, the door is mostly glass.  They just came to visit, and sat down at the table. 


“Anything to eat?”


“no thanks we just left Logan’s, we just wanted to see how things were going.”


“going great, we’re settling in”


“I saw y’all at the table eating before we hit the bell, y’all looked lost in this big ole room”


“you get use to it”


Coming from Primrose, open concept was a foreign concept.  Our house there had a 70s “galley” kitchen= more than one in there and its crowded.  We had a small formal dining room, and breakfast area,  all were seperated by walls. That was a good system for a long time before some joker decided it was ok for people to walk around, talk, watch tv, and open cabinets while another guy was cooking.


They gave me a new phone number.  I was unable to secure the number issued to me in 1977.  We had to change carriers because they did not offer service in this area of the city.  The excuse given to me was it was disconnected and not available.


“of course its disconnected I MOVED”


“well you’ll hafta to talk to the previous carrier”


“I will”


My fico is starting to recover from a closed out intallment loan back in April, a bunch if inq, the dang change of adress cost me 4.


DW told me when we moved in-


“What about the TV?”


“Got a new Sony on the way from Amazon”


“I don’t want any wires ok?”


“So how am I gonna do surround sound?”


“You’ll figure it out”


I solved that with a Bose wireless system.  Sounds good but not as good as the wired system I put upstairs in the media room, but it is sufficent.


So life outside the mortgage process continues.

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