After two years almost done rebuilding – I have a few that I just cant get off and need some advise

QuestionsAfter two years almost done rebuilding – I have a few that I just cant get off and need some advise
asked 3 years ago

So I started my Journey ablout two years ago with a Score in the mid 500’s and about 18 – 20 or so baddies. Today I am about 100 points higher and almost all removed and new tradelines opened and not a single late payment since 2012.

My dismissed CH 13 came off TU & EX in 2015 but will stay on EQ until 2018 nothing I can do with that.

I had some very easy ones removed but also was able to get some of the more stuborn ones to delete Like First Premier bank – I got two unpaid accounts to be removed

I recently got Credit One to delete a unpaid Charge off 

I was able to get PRS Portfolio Recovery Associates delete 4 unpaid accounts


Now for what I have left:


I had two judgements on my reports from the same company that have both been satisfied 1 was removed from all reports the other only came off TU and EQ just cameback as verified and EX will not dispute it again so my nest steps is going to call the cout house on Monday to see if there is anything different about the way they are recorded as they were not Vacated.


I have two 30day late payments on a Sallaie Mae loan in Sept & Oct 2011 – I just sent off a good will letter to them and waiting for a response – the reason I asked for the goodwill from them was I called them to make arrangements and the rep that I talked to said she get set up a deferment for 3 months, well that did not happen and nevernotified me that she could not do it.


I have a paid Verizon Wireless Collection with Pinnacle Credit Services – they would not do a PFD no matter how hard I pushed so I finally gave in and was able to settle themfor about 35% of the balancec and marked as Paid  because they were updateing monthly.


and last I have a Charged off HSBC account that was sold to PRA and they refuse to remove and I am a little scraed to poke them – they are past the SOL fir my state but on EX they are reporingas a closed account with no payment history or any negative marks. TU they are reporting as charged off and sold with no payment history and EQ they are reporting as a Charge Off and Sold with no Payment History — not Sure how to proceed with this one, I am scared to get the EX updated again because right now EX is not reporting as a Neg account and I dont want it to go back to negative. It is not due to fall off untill 8/2017.


any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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