after meeting with a credit advisory

Questionsafter meeting with a credit advisory
Bernie Plunkett asked 5 years ago

i so had a meeting on Tuesday with a credit advisory, was kind of a redundant meeting as I’ve been reading a lot over the last month to plan my execution, also send out PFD to everyone with 0 results, and my debt is low about $ 1400 total..


so my main question to her was did it matter if i paid the entire debt in full or asked for a settlement, and her reply was it didn’t matter all the mortgage company is doing to look at is it the debt is settled or not so if i wanted to try and save a few bucks see what they will offer as a settlement…


We are planing on buying a house next yr right now I’m right at the 600 mark, my wife just started working full time again after our last graduated from high school so that’s and instant 30k a yr, so we have 6 paychecks a month and plan on banking $ 350 per paycheck which should put us at a little under 25k by august…


so my biggest concern is the make a settlement, or pay in full does it truly matter?

We’ve struggled for so many yrs being a 1 income 5 person family, that we don’t want to do anything to foil our plan, and id hate to have been given bad advise, and find out in a yr it hurt us….



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