Afni turned me down again

QuestionsAfni turned me down again
Kassie Beattie asked 6 years ago

Hi all,



This is the second time I have emailed Afni with the same response:


Afni thanks you for your payment. Accordingly, in the normal course of business, Afni will report that that we have received payment in full of your account, and will report a $ 0 balance.  This will reflect the accurate status of this account.  We understand that you are seeking removal of this tradeline from your credit report; however, to remain in good standing with the credit reporting agencies, Afni’s policy is to furnish the accurate status only. 


I was truthful with the reasoning of deleting the collection off my acct but it didn’t help. Should I just keep sending it every couple of weeks until someone who reads it feels sorry and deletes. On the bright side my scores are going up because of credit cards that now have and of course paying them on time.

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