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So this is not a mortgage related question. I’m looking for advice, because I am a little annoyed. 


So, we closed on our house May 22nd. The sellers asked for a 9 day extension, because “they’re super busy with 3 dogs, a baby and both full time employees” (my hubby and I are both full time employees, with 2 kids under 5, and a 3rd one due in Oct, and have a dog but we were able to get our crap together, but whatever) and need more time to move, whatever. My husband and I were nice and agreed to this 9 day extension. Well, they turned over the keys to us on May 31st @ noon. However, they did not have one of the garage opener (because it was in their car, and the car was at the body shop) and a key to the front glass door. The seller said once they got the car back, they would send the garage opener and the key to us. Well, that was on May 31st. It’s been 38 days, and we have not received the key or the garage opener. I have reached out to them numerous times and all I get is, “we will put it in the mail this week or next week, blah blah blah”. About 3 weeks ago, they had 2 packages delievered to my (now) house and I asked if they would like to meet up and exchange those packages for the keys and opener and they declined and asked that I drop them off a the post office, I agreed and they said they would send us our key and opener. I don’t know what to do anymore, I am trying to reprogram our garage code and add ADT security and can not do so because I need to have the other garage opener. I mean, per our contract, they’re suppose to hand over ALL KEYS and Garage openers the day of closing, but since they had an extension, the contract states “ALL KEYS AND GARAGE OPENERS ARE TO BE GIVEN TO THE NEW HOMEOWNERS ON MAY 31ST BY 5PM.” Can I report this to the police? I am beyond annoyed and don’t know what to do. 



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